Monday, January 31, 2011

Free Designs for Embroidery from The Antique Pattern Library

These lovely designs are from the book The Drew Portfolio in the Antique Pattern Library
For fabric painting, epoxy painting, stump work
Spanish Black work
For Applique and Embellishment with Beads etc.

The entire book -  about 18 pages is filled with such designs.
There are no stitch descriptions - all the better. It would be interesting to see how different people interpret these designs. 
Anyone out there ready for the challenge?
Here's what you should do.
  1. Choose any one of the 4 designs above - you may choose more than 1 design if you have the time for it.
  2. While the basic design should be retained,  slight variations are allowed.
  3. Use it to design an accessory - say cushion cover, a runner, a bag, a purse...
  4. You can use anything for embellishing the embroidery - ribbons, beads, buttons, shells...
  5. You have a month - the challenge ends on 3rd March.
  6. You can blog the steps involved and the decision making process if you wish.
The challenge will be open even if there is going to be only 1 participant.
If you want to take it up, leave a comment .

This is not a competition - as I've already mentioned, it would be interesting to see all the variations diffferent people come up with.

Update: The link to the book is broken.  I'll update it when I rediscover it.

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