Friday, July 28, 2006

Lady in Embroidery

As I already mentioned in my previous post, I have quite a few incomplete projects.
I think I'll follow most of you and list them so I can tick them off my list as and when I complete them. There are projects from nearly 2 years ago.

1. I started this sampler wanting to use atleast 100 embroidery stitches. It is 3/4th done. This is the oldest project.

2. I started a pineapple crochet doily last year, and I stopped at round 11. It has 34 rounds. I picked it up again a week ago and I put it down at round 30 last night.
Hope to complete it during the middle of next week.
3. The basic crochet lessons I started updating is still in its rough draft stage.
4.Same goes for the Basic tatting lessons. I want to incorporate CTM, SLT, Knotless tatting etc without overwhelming a beginner. Below is square motif in blue, tatted the conventional way and the same motif in pink using the Shoe lace Trick.

5. I have plenty of embroidery designs that were passed on to me by my grandmother. Needless to say, the papers are either breaking or are falling apart. She has used tissue that silk sarees and footwear came in as tracing paper. God knows how old those papers are. I am darkening them and scanning them so I can store them on CD.
6. Same goes for some of the old DMC embroidery books I inherited from her.
7. Same goes for my collection of Kutchwork designs. But they are only 15 years old.
8. Then there are a couple of incomplete overambitious cross stitch projects I started on canvas. One measures 5' x 3' and the other 3'x 2'.
9. I have atleast 10 sew projects in various stages.
10. I am yet to draft the Lagartera project I posted earlier this month.
11. My Kasuti tutorial is incomplete.
12. My latest incomplete work is the 50 Borders in Lagartera embroidery and of course charting them.
13. My scanner is still not installed.
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