Monday, June 14, 2010

Beadwork - Daisy Chain

Ploughing through the scores of sites on beadwork and bead embroidery, I stumbled upon this beautiful and relatively easy technique called the 'Daisy Chain' You'll find the instructions in  Unique Beaded

I found all the materials required in my stash so I am working on it. Here is the picture. Don't miss a tour of their  homeage. It's absolutely delightful.

So, here's my daisy chain rope.  Once I got started, I could not stop until I had exhausted almost all my beads. Now I have quite a long daisy chain.

I found this bit of denim in my stash.- apparently left over from a carry all I made when my kids were toddlers. All I can make out of it is a little bag that would hold my cell-phone, glasses and maybe my keys and some cash.  My librarian is always behind me to leave my handbag on the shelf provided - of course there is no one to guard the shelf, and the shelf is right next to the door.  The librarian sits with his back to the shelf!!!

I think I will use the daisy chain as a handle attached to the sides and the bottom of the bag. It should go across my shoulders and also get this guy off my back.
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