Thursday, November 05, 2009

Beautiful Embroidery Books

Back again after a long break. Have signed up for oil painting classes. so I haven't had time for needlework. I am now halfway through the course and hoping to find some time here and there for needle and thread.

Speaking of needle and thread, here is a lovely book I've unearthed while digging through the archives of Project gutenberg - Embroidery and tapestry weaving by Grace christie -this book is simply crying out to be shared.

I simply loved the interesting uses the buttonhole stitch has been put to.

I haven't read the book as yet - just browsing through and took me a while to realise that the design above is composed of the buttonhole stitch.

The pictures below are the closed herring bone stitch and some of its applications

When I see such lovely, painstakingly laborious work, I sometimes wonder if, in this quick fix world, we have forgotton that there is joy and immense satifaction in painstaking work.

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