Thursday, December 23, 2010

Black Tear-Drop Beaded Necklace

Here's a very simple beaded necklace I made using 3 types of beads.
The entire project took just over an hour.

This is now my favourite accessory since it goes well with most of my kurtas.

I bought the tear-drop beads in 4 colours when we were in Trivandrum - their translucent beauty just kept calling out to me.

I did not know what to do with them though. I simply kept taking them out of their boxes to admire them or left them lying around where I could feast my eyes on them.

It was in a visit to an all states craft expo that I saw beautiful necklaces made out of the very same type of beads. I could never lay claim to a decent memory let alone a photographic one.(How I admire those souls who can see a beautiful piece of art or embroidery and come home & put it down on paper.) I did my best to commit the design to memory - I could have used my mobile phone to photograph it. But the idea occurred to me only after I got home. So I continued to feast my eyes on my lovely beads until I once again managed to ferret out Teri Dusenbury new web location. She keeps disappearing only to pop up again somewhere else.

The things she can do to beads and yarn with her tatting is mind boggling!

Anyway the inspiration for this piece came from there and my bead box. I've used nylon wire for stringing the beads as pearl cotton somehow gave it a shabby look.
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